Seattle recruiting firms and staffing agencies finding the right fit

The Seattle tech scene is driven and diverse, but finding the best opportunity among a sea of passionate visionaries can be stressful, time consuming and competitive. A little help from local employment experts can simplify the process. To help, we’ve broken down some of the top recruiting firms and staffing agencies in and around Seattle and Puget Sound for technology, marketing, sales, creative services, finance and general temp agencies seattle

Tech Recruiting & Staffing Agencies


Recruiting Specialty: Technology

Location: Seattle

What They Do: Yup, that’s us! Built in Seattle is a hyper-local network that produces content and events that connect local startups and tech companies with the extraordinary Seattleites that build them.

Fast Fact: Built In Seattle is one of seven sister communities across the nation.


Recruiting Specialty: Technology

Location: Downtown, Seattle

What They Do: Scion Technical is a staple among the Seattle and Puget Sound technology communities for IT staffing solutions. The company is divided into specialized teams for IT and creative services, corporate and executive search and nonprofit recruiting.

Fast Fact: Forbes rated Scion Technical 31 of the top 250 Best Executive Recruiting Firms in the world.


Recruiting Specialty: Technology

Location: Seattle & Bellevue

What They Do: The team at Viri Technology come from a range of professional IT backgrounds. From software, infrastructure, IT leadership and even creative roles, their recruiters are well equipped to help candidates and clients with tech opportunities across industries.

Fast Fact: They have a resource center, covering topics from interviewing tips, LinkedIn networking and goal setting.


Recruiting Specialty: Technology

Location: Mill Creek, WA

What They Do: The Talley Group began serving engineering and technical staffing companies in Seattle in 2002. Their team are not only techsperts, but they are active volunteers. Employees have formulated cross-cultural friendships with communities in Uganda, Ethiopia and Asia.

Fast Fact: The Talley Group is a certified Woman Owned Business in Washington and California.



Location: Downtown, Seattle

What They Do: Unlike the other companies on the list, Talent 42 is an annual tech recruiting conference in Seattle. For tech recruiters, sourcers and engineers, this conference is a must-attend event. Some of their top speakers come from Apple, Zappos, Facebook and

Fast Fact: Their team created a company theme song & music video that deserves an MTV Video Music Award.

B Certified Recruiting & Staffing Agencies


Recruiting Specialty: General Staffing

Location: Downtown, Seattle

What They Do: Imperative reaches beyond the perks & quirks, engagement surveys and volunteer opportunities; they empower managers to develop diverse purpose-driven teams. The Seattle-based recruiting firm utilizes personalized ‘purpose profiles’ to provide weekly, monthly and quarterly insights for managers to optimize performance, engagement, impact and culture.

Fast Fact: On average, inspired employees show a 125% increase in productivity.


Recruiting Specialty: General Staffing

Where is Waldron? Downtown, Seattle

What They Do: Waldron practices social responsibility and serves like-minded nonprofits and private organizations with executive search and coaching, career transitioning and effective organization services.

Fast Fact: Awarded the 2017 Corporate Citizen Award by the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Marketing Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

What They Do: Founded in 2009 after the infamous stock market crash, Wünderland has since grown into a full-service marketing staffing agency. Wünderland Studio, the company’s on-demand production team, also offers creative, digital and marketing services.

Fast Fact: Rated one of the Largest Staffing Firms in the US by Staffing Industry Analysts in 2018.


Recruiting Specialty: Marketing

Location: Ballard, Seattle

What They Do: Orin Rice has called Western Washington its home since 2014. Founded by Meredith and Tim Sprangers, the family-owned recruiting firm focuses on marketing, sales and sales engineering and offers a compelling referral program for successfully placed candidates and company partnerships.

Fast Fact: Orin Rice donates a percentage of all profits to Habitat for Humanity and Treehouse.

Sales Recruiting & Staffing Agencies


Recruiting Specialty: Sales

Location: Seattle & Bothell, WA

What They Do: Seattle Corporate Search is a hyper-local recruiting agency with more than 20 years of experience. The SCS experts specialize in B2B tech, professional services and wholesale distributors to fill sales and business positions.

Fast Fact: On average, they interview 220 candidates each month.

Fast Fact: They have placed 2,530 candidates and represent 735 clients.